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Using Local Resources in Your Homeschool Plans

When planning the topics we will study in our homeschool, I try to use ideas from our local resources.

If I can study a topic that coordinates with a local museum exhibit, then I double our learning benefits. Our homeschool studies deepen with a related field trip and the field trip is enhanced due to our prior knowledge.

It’s a win-win so let’s talk about how to make it work.
How to use local resources in your homeschool yearly plan.

Let’s talk about searching your city for local resources, events, and exhibits and incorporating them into your homeschool.

Using Local Resources

Science Museums

Art Museums

History Museums

Rec and Parks


Phrases for Google Searches

{Your City Name} Festivals

{Specific Type} Festivals

{Your City Name} Homeschool Days

{Your City Name} Field Trips

Grab Your “Around Town” Planning Pages

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Mary Wilson

Mary is a writer and mother to four kids ranging from elementary to high school.

She believes that creativity, laughter, and fun are the backbone for engaging and inspiring homeschools. You can find her encouragement and tips on this blog, Mary Hanna Wilson.

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