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Wrap up Your Year and Write New Year Goals

{{UPDATED FOR 2019}}

I love the feeling of a fresh start.

The sun comes up and a new day begins.  Yesterday is washed away and a clean slate awaits.

There are times that I deeply appreciate the feeling of a new school week. I am ready for five new school days to plan adventures and improve upon the week before.

When I tear a month from our wall calendar and see the fresh one before me, I feel a sense of accomplishment and anticipation.  What do I want this month to look like?  How do I want it to feel?

Finally, there exists the mother all fresh starts: New Years Day. One year comes to an end and the next 356 days are waiting to be lived!

Click for your free PDF to wrap up the year with your kids and look ahead with plans for a new one!

New Year Goals with Kids: Reflecting on Last Year

The end of December is a time to reflect and re-evaluate the events of the previous twelve months. As I look ahead to the next twelve, it is a time of wonder, planning, and dreaming.  Everything feels like it gets a fresh start.

I love to take my children with me on their own journeys of reflecting and dreaming. To help them evaluate and plan, I print out a single page, “A Year in Review”, for them to complete.

It begins with a snapshot of who they are right now as they record a few of their favorite things.

Then we look back. We sit around the table together, sharing memories of the previous year. I love to hear what they remember.

Remember when the boys got stuck in the bathroom at the Grand Canyon?  Yeah. And after mom rescued them she told the next boy in line, “Try not to get stuck!”

I loved tubing at Zion.  And climbing Double Butt Cheek Arch.  (laughter erupts)  NOTE:  That would be Double Arch.

Did we go to Sliding Rock this year or last year?

These conversations about our previous year do my heart good. Sometimes I can be hard on myself, but as I listen to my kids’ laughter and discussion, they remind me of the many good memories that they will take with them.

New Year Goals with Kids: Dreaming for the New Year

Then we take some time to write our goals and dreams for the new year.

I love to travel, so I always ask them where they would like to go or visit during the year. I try to make these dreams happen, but doesn’t always happen that same year.

New Year Goals with Kids: Grab Your Copy 

Want to reflect on the current year with your kids? 

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How might you incorporate surprise, chance, mystery, secret, and discovery into your homeschool environment? I’d love some more suggestions!

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