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Our Brave Writer Lifestyle, Teatime and Freewriting

This is the final post in a series from my former blog, originally published in 2013.  The first two posts recorded my discovery of Brave Writer and our plan for implementation. This third and final post records the beginning of Freewriting and Teatime in our home.  We still implement a Brave Writer lifestyle in our homeschool and it is a delight to look back at our enthusiastic beginnings and realize that my enthusiasm has only grown since then!

We did not have our traditional scavenger hunt for school supplies this year.

We did not need any more pens, pencils, notebooks, and such.  Though I do admit that I might have purchased a pack of sharpie markers for myself because I might just be a bit obsessed with them. Continue Reading

Brave Writer, Homeschooling, Poetry

Poetry Teatime for Families

Poetry Teatime is a special part of our family life.

Once a week we slow down, enjoy good company and good food, and settle in for some poetry.

Relationships are built with one another and with poetry, all while enjoying tea (or lemonade) and snacks.

Begin a poetry teatime with your family. It doesn't have to be complicated. Learn more here about getting started.

Poetry Teatime is part of our Brave Writer Lifestyle, a language arts program created with homeschool families in mind, but the idea is certainly not limited to any educational choice or style.  For our family, it is a part of our education lifestyle and an integral part of our language arts week.

Poetry Teatime Basics

Poetry Teatime can be incorporated into any family, any lifestyle, and any educational choice.

Once a week, create a special pause in your day with snacks, tea (or a special drink your kids enjoy), and poetry.  Beyond those basics, the world of Poetry Teatime is flexible to suit your family’s dynamics and imagination.

Poetry Teatime Your Way

Some weeks we set a very simple table and other weeks we go all out.

Host a simple or elegant poetry teatime with your family.

Some weeks my children bring poems to share and other weeks mommy does all of the reading.

Some weeks we skip poetry books in favor of  Shakespeare or short stories.  Other weeks we select from a stack of poetry books.

Some weeks we read poetry books as a family and other weeks we have Poetry Teatime with friends.

Host a teatime with friends or just your own family.

Some weeks we enjoy a treat at our favorite cafe and other weeks we bake (or buy) treats to eat at home.

Some weeks poetry teatime occurs on Tuesday as planned and other weeks it is scheduled on the only free day in our week.  In fact, occasionally poetry teatime happens after dinner and we have our dessert and poetry with Daddy.

Clearly, there is a lot of flexibility to fit any family, any lifestyle, and any given week.

Get Your Family Started with Poetry Teatime

{This section contains an affiliate link.  Read my full disclosure for more information.}

If you are ready to get started, there is a FREE guide to Poetry Teatime available now.

You can download your FREE guide to Poetry Teatime and other great resources in the Brave Writer shop.

The Poetry Teatime Companion is a beautifully illustrated sampler of American and British poetry edited by Julie Bogart and Nancy Graham.  This book will certainly get you started with a well-chosen variety of poems.

Poetry Teatime has become a special time in our family.  We have our special mugs and teapots and everyone looks forward to selecting fun treats and books for our time together.

I hope you find the same joy and connection with one another and poetry.

Check out titles to add to your family poetry collection:

Amazon Poetry Books for Families

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