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Homeschooling Teens: One Mom’s Transition

Nothing could have prepared me for the day that my little elementary homeschool grew up.

Looking back, it feels like it happened overnight, but that isn’t really true. Changes began when my oldest entered middle school and they continued throughout that first year. There was a whole new level of resistance to schoolwork, complaining and dismay about field trips, and whining about crafts and hands-on activities.

What on earth happened?

Where, oh where, did my happy homeschool go?  Oh, where, oh where could it be?

Turns out that I was going to find that happy homeschool again, but it was going to be a bumpy ride.

One mom's journey from homeschooling little ones as they grew up and the first one became a teen. She shares her widsom about handing that transition. Continue Reading

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Innovative Education: Let’s talk Lessons

Math.  English.  History.  Science.  Fine Arts.

Most adults are familiar with school lessons.  Common Core curriculum .  Bells ring and classes begin.  Subjects are divided up into 50-90 minute classes and coursework is determined by “the powers that be”.   Teachers can vary the methodology and some of the topics, but in general the curriculum is standard across a school system or state.

So what exactly do your lessons look like when you homeschool?

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This year we are going to take a look at the election process in the United States instead of continuing with our traditional history path.   I purchased a book to guide us through using our amazing microscope and I am going to call it “science class”.  Math this year revolves around various workbooks, but there are plans to ditch them occasionally and explore the beauty of numbers. One child will take classes from a professional illustrator while another is considering a course on inventions. Continue Reading

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Innovative Homeschooling: Let’s Talk Languages

Latin.  Spanish.  French.  German.

There is no doubt that foreign language is a valuable part of a well-rounded education. Most homeschooling parents include a foreign language as part of the child’s education regardless of their ability to speak it.

C.  Python.  C++.  HTML.  Java.

What about these languages?   Have you considered any sort of computer programming languages to your core curriculum? Continue Reading


Five Days of Innovative Homeschooling

I believe that homeschool parents have the potential to be counted among the most creative minds in the field of education.

We are the innovators who can bring education into the 21st century by paying attention to what the research is telling us, accessing what technology is available to us and creatively ushering our homeschools into the times in which we live.

It is time to rethink our educational philosophies and decide what is really working and what might need to change.  It is time to practice innovative homeschooling.

This doesn’t mean we should throw everything out or re-invent all of the wheels that have worked in the past.

Of course not.

There is a lot of knowledge to be gained from those who have gone before us and much value to be learned from what has worked in the past.

But we should not discount our experience of life in 2016 by strictly following educational guidelines and theories from the last century without any updates.

A 5 day post series on innovative homeschooling ideas.


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