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Happy Planning Your Homeschool Year

I wasn’t going to be one of those planner girls. You know the ones. The ones with the Happy Planners, piles of washi tape, and stickers.

Will. Not. Do. It.

Then, the allure of a pretty happy planner called to me and I found myself “just looking”. The next thing I knew, the friendly planner gal standing next to me introduced me to a fancy hole punch that would allow me to put any pages that I wanted into the planner.

Which meant that I could insert the forms from my homeschool planner into the pages of the Happy Planner.


And that’s how I became one of those planner girls.

Plan Your Year Kit and the Happy Planner work well together for the perfect homeschool and life planner. Continue Reading

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Review: Seashore Video Art Course

After a week at the beach, our family was ready to ease back into school very very slowly. I knew that we needed to find our groove again, but I wasn’t ready to jump back into the entire usual routine.

After all, it is May and things are slowing down

I needed something fun. something new. something enjoyable.

That’s when I saw it online. A new video art course perfect for the summer.

Seashore Video Art Course for All Ages Continue Reading

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Our Homeschool Week in Books – February 8

(FYI: I periscope – @notbefore7 – every Saturday to share these books.  You can find the one for this list here!)

So what did we read this week?

Non-fiction: reading a little each day:

(How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous is FANTASTIC.  Interesting.  Informative.)

Geography: Antarctica Focus:

Our read-aloud chapter books:

(We just started, Courage Has No Color, and it is FANTASTIC. All four of my kids are enjoying the book and it has been a platform for some excellent discussions)

Vocabulary: reviewing and adding a few words each week:


(Both of these poetry books are fantastic. I found them at the library, but have added both to my amazon wish list. You can view my periscope to learn more.)

For Fun and learning – winter theme:

Toys Meet Snow is a picture book based on the characters from the Toys Go Out series. Toys Go Out, Toy Dance Party, and Toys Come Home are hysterically funny stories with delightful characters.  The reading level has makes them perfect for kids entering the stage of chapter book reading.

For fun and learning:

Books the Kids read on Their Own:

(The GameKnight999 series is based on a character in minecraft. I can not speak to the content or writing, but the reluctant reader in this house has read them over and over. She doesn’t put them down.)

A little fairy tale viewing: Draw Me a Story, season 2 (Draw Me a Story – free on amazon prime)

Have a great weekend!

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Love That Dog Book Club

Our book selection this month was the delightful tale, Love That Dog by Sharon Creech.

This book is unique in that the entire story is written through free verse poetry journal entries. It was a quick and enjoyable read for all of our attendees.

We focused on creating a dog-themed book club for our celebration this month.

Host a Love That Dog book club for kids.

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