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Sanity Savers when it comes to Summertime Spending

Summertime. The pool is open. School is finished. The schedule is more relaxed. I love this laid-back time of year.

But with the increased air conditioning bills, vacations, summer treats and extra activities it can be an expensive time that can drive your bank account batty!

Here are eight ways our family enjoys the summertime fun while keeping our bank account in a sane place!

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Homelife, Money Saving

Five Basic Budgeting Tips

Friends often suggest that I should write a book on budgeting.

I laugh at the suggestion.

I laugh because I am far from an expert on budgeting.  And there are plenty of experts.

But the fact is that I have learned a lot as the financial manager for a single-income family of six.  Some lessons are specific to our household alone, but there are plenty of general thoughts I can share with anyone hoping to get their finances and debts under control.

There are a million ways to budget and think about money.  Here are just some five basic budgeting tips to get you started.

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