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Math Games Your Teens and Tweens will Actually Enjoy

I am a big believer that ALL games teach valuable skills, but this list does focus on math games that your teen and tween will enjoy. These games reinforce math skills and are some of the games we return to again and again simply because they are fun.

The following list was created in the spirit of playing games that focus on specific subject areas. But please don’t play games that make you miserable, even if they do “teach math”.


Ok. Then on with the list.

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Homeschool Year in Review 2019 (10th, 8th, 6th, and 4th grades)

I gotta be honest. This was a tough year. I felt the pressure of being pulled in too many directions with a high schooler, two middle schoolers, and an elementary schooler.

It was too difficult for me to homeschool the way I normally like to do things. I like to create my own curriculum by pulling ideas from various sources. I hunt for ideas on Pinterest and from fellow bloggers. But that was too hard for me to accomplish this year and meet everyone’s needs while working a part-time job.

Looking back, I should have selected more “open and go” curriculum this year.

But what can you do?

Despite the difficulties, it was a successful year and everyone made progress in academics and life.

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Hands-On Equations Product Review

Do you ever feel like all of the wonderful math manipulatives and hands-on activities for teaching mathematics disappear by the time your student reaches Pre-Algebra and linear equations?

Gone are the days of snap cubes, base ten blocks, and geoboards because now it is time for “serious math”.

Well, guess what?

That’s just not true. There are still math programs that introduce and reinforce concepts through the use of manipulatives and Hands-On Equations is one that we have had great success with this year.

Hands-On Equations is an affordable and effective program to introduce your 3rd-8th-grade children to linear equations in a visual and tactile way.

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Make Learning Fun: One Simple Idea

{This post contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure.}

This school year I bought a few bags of lifesavers and poured them into a bowl.

I announced, “Hey kids.  If you want a lifesaver, all you have to do is solve learning-funa Math 24 card or use one of our Marie’s SAT words in conversation.  Daniel (my 7-year-old) can tell me the time on this analog clock instead of solving a math card.  I’ll set it for him each morning.”

Is there a limit to how many we can get?


What level do we have to solve on the Math 24 card?

Whatever you think is the best one for you.

How will you know that we did it?

Just bring me the card and show me your brilliant solution or tell me how you used one of our words.

And that was it.  Simple.  Brilliant.  Positive learning energy created all over the house. Continue Reading

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Math Games – Adding Enchantment to Math

So many homeschool moms struggle with when it comes to teaching math. So many kids struggle to enjoy math “class”. It can be a never-ending cycle of frustration for both the parent and the child.

I have been there. I am still there at times. And I often turn to math games to break up the monotony of worksheets and math lessons.

(While these games help break up the monotony of homeschooling, they are perfect games to support your child’s education in their classroom, regardless of where that is!)

Teach with Math games. Here is a list of the games we love to use when it is time for a break from the workbooks! Continue Reading