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More Than a Shelf of Books

I am not one of those moms who can’t get rid of books. I am a purger. And I have no problem purging books.

The way I see it, that is what libraries are for. Libraries house my books.

But even I have my soft spots and my memories, so I must admit that there is a section of our hallway bookcase that is more than just a shelf of books.

It is a collection of memories that will always be exempt from purging.

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My 2017 Booklist

The summer is coming and reading by the pool is a high priority on my agenda. I love to sit poolside with an iced tea (of course) while reading a good book.

In the spirit of the summer season, I decided to organize my reading list. Because it is so huge and I need to record it all in one place.

Will I actually read all of these books before 2017 ends?

Perhaps. But maybe not.

And that is okay with me because I’ll just put the remaining titles on a list for 2018.

Without further ado, this is “Mary’s Completely Ridiculous Amount of Books to Read Booklist” otherwise known as the “2017 Booklist”

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Green Ember Book Club

“My place beside you, my blood for yours.  Till the Green Ember rises or the end of the world.”

The Green Ember by SD Smith is the first book in the Green Ember Trilogy. Our family listened together on audible.

I’ll admit that it was a slow start for me but once the action and adventure kicked in, we were engaged until the exciting, cliff-hanger ending. Of course, this means that we are currently halfway through listening to the second book in the series, Ember Falls.

Three of my children participated in a book club for The Green Ember as part of our ongoing monthly book clubs. This book inspired a fun celebration at the end of the month for both my girls boys book clubs.

I have no doubt they will remember these characters and our adventure for years to come.

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100 Modern Picture Books

Who doesn’t love a good Picture Book?

Well-written and creatively illustrated picture books communicate beautiful truths about life and introduce us to delightful characters. Best of all, they are perfect for family snuggle time.

Well-written picture books make us laugh, think, and even cry!

It is easy to find great lists of picture books all over the internet. And while I love a good classic picture book, I know that the “future classics” are being written today!

Therefore, in the spirit of “future classics”, I present…

100 Modern Picture Books

The books on this list were published in the last decade. (2006-2016)  There are so many fantastic categories for finding titles that you are new to you.   And of course, you can find my Top Ten Modern Picture Books if you hang in until the end!

NOTE:  I read every single one of these books this month while writing this post.  It has been such fun and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

A fantastic list of 100 Modern Picture Books. This is where you will find your future classics! Check out the list and download the list in a free PDF!
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What’s in Our Morning Basket?

We have had a very different year than we have ever had in the past and it has taken me a little while to learn to love the year I am with.   But we finally seem settled into aspects of our new routine.

That meant that this month we finally found our Morning Basket groove and have started a more consistent habit of reading together.

Our October Morning Basket continues to include a little of this and a little of that and we like the variety.  Of course, I started a Morning Basket Pinterest Board so I can collect ideas.  You can follow me there, or on pinterest in general, and explore new titles as well!

Check out what was in our Homeschool Morning Basket for literature this October.

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