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Book Club for Kids: Poppy by Avi

We love having a blast by celebrating literature at our book clubs and this month’s title was Poppy by Avi!

I can not say enough wondering things about this delightful tale. The descriptions are vivid and the characters are endearing and memorable. My entire family enjoyed this book, although my two boys and their daddy are the ones who finished every book in the series together.


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Love That Dog Book Club

Our book selection this month was the delightful tale, Love That Dog by Sharon Creech.

This book is unique in that the entire story is written through free verse poetry journal entries. It was a quick and enjoyable read for all of our attendees.

We focused on creating a dog-themed book club for our celebration this month.

Host a Love That Dog book club for kids.

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The Outsiders Book Club for Kids

The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton was our book club title this month and all of the attendees enjoyed the book.

The uniqueness of this book is enhanced if you read a bit of background about the author, a high school-aged girl.  She wrote the majority of the book the year that she received a D in Creative Writing, which is an interesting story in itself.

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Catching Fire Book Club Celebration for Kids

At the end of her sixth-grade year, Kayleigh and I realized that book discussions weren’t always a whole lot of fun with only the two of us. We kicked off her seventh-grade year by organizing a monthly book club with friends.

I selected one of my favorite books, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, as our kick-off book. The characters are fantastic and the writing is incredible.

The host mom and I were feeling inspired, so we decided to go all in and truly celebrate this book in a way the girls would not soon forget!

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