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Math Games Your Teens and Tweens will Actually Enjoy

I am a big believer that ALL games teach valuable skills, but this list does focus on math games that your teen and tween will enjoy. These games reinforce math skills and are some of the games we return to again and again simply because they are fun.

The following list was created in the spirit of playing games that focus on specific subject areas. But please don’t play games that make you miserable, even if they do “teach math”.


Ok. Then on with the list.

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Playing with Language: 10 Ideas for Families

We love to play with language in our house.

Words. Idioms. Jokes. Figurative language.

It’s all part of the atmosphere of learning that we have created in this house and it is easier to create that you might realize.

We repeat our favorite lines from movies and TV shows, share silly puns, attempt to solve riddles, and experiment with new vocabulary words. There isn’t a limit to the many ways you can play with words and language in your home.

I bet you’ve already started to realize how much your family plays with language as well, so let’s talk about ten ideas you can incorporate into your family lifestyle.

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Play Everyday in May

May is here and I am ready to play!

Okay, let’s be honest, I am ready to play games on any given day, but during this month our formal schooling begins to slow down, and we have more free time for unstructured play and learning.

Come play everyday in May with me - games for every subject!

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Our Favorite Family Board Games

I love games.  All types of games.  Cards.  Dice.  Boards.  Whatever.  It all works for me.

Spending an afternoon playing a game with my kids ranks high on the list of my most enjoyable activities.  Our favorite family card games were listed on this blog previously, and we are currently on a Great Dalmuti kick!  While we love card games because most can be played with our entire family, we have stacks of board games as well.  Board games typically have to be played in teams or in smaller groups of our family of six.

Entering this current stage of life presents a challenge for me to find board games that the six-year-old can participate while the thirteen-year-old remains engaged.  It’s a challenge, but there are many out there. Continue Reading

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Favorite Family Card Games

Our family loves to play games. Card games. Board games. Video games. We are cool with all of it.

But times are a changin’ in this house and my teenagers have outgrown the entertaining games of the early years.  And I can’t say I miss most of them.

Yet, there is still a 7-year-old in the house and we don’t want to leave him out so we have to find games that work for everyone! Continue Reading