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Most Beautiful, Imaginative Art and Poetry Books Ever

Our family has a favorite modern day artist. His mind-bending, beautiful images take us on an exciting trip into the surreal every time we view them.  His artwork stimulates our imagination and leaves us wondering how it is created so perfectly.

Meet: Rob Gonsalves

Rob is a Canadian artist who creates illusions in his art that will intrigue every viewer.  You can find him on facebook and you can find his images in several places online.  Our favorite place to view his artwork is in the four picture books he has illustrated.

Art and Poetry come together in these beautiful books by Rob Gonsalves.

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The four books in the “Imagine A…” series combine the illusionary art of Rob Gonsalves with free verse poetic lines by Sarah L. Thomson or himself.  These books contain beautiful images and the words inspire the reader and enhance the illusion of the artwork.

There are now four books in the series and each one contains different selections of Rob Gonsalves’ artwork.

Imagine a Place.  This was the first one we purchased and it was our gateway to the “Imagine a…” world.

Imagine a Day and Imagine a Night.  These each contain artwork reflective of the time of day indicated by the title.  I think our favorite one is “Imagine a Night”.

Imagine a World.  This one is brand new to me!  It was published in 2015 and I can’t wait to have it delivered to my front door.

This week we enjoyed several images and verses from these books during our Poetry Teatime. I highly recommend them for any homeschool library. In our opinion, these are the type of books that are worth owning!

Of course, we love Rob Gonsalves’ artwork so much that we even purchased a calendar one year so that we could decorate with it.

Have you ever read any of his books or seen his illustrations?  I hope you are just as inspired as our family is!


Art and Poetry come together in these beautiful books by Rob Gonsalves.


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  • Reply Lynna @ Homeschooling without Training Wheels September 27, 2016 at

    Wow! Even the image samples you’ve shared here are amazing and definitely enough to make us want to explore further! Looks neat!

    • Reply September 30, 2016 at

      Yes. Our MD library had them so we checked them out all of the time….till my mom finally bought them 🙂

  • Reply Erin October 11, 2016 at

    Oh, I can’t wait to read these!!!

    • Reply October 12, 2016 at

      I hope you love them too!

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