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A Review of the Brave Writer Arrow Guides

I felt like Tarzan.  Or Jane.  Swinging all day from tree to tree and never knowing if it was going to be enough.

Spelling.  Vocabulary.  Comprehension questions.  Grammar.  Writing.  Would my kids ever connect all of these branches?

I was leaping from workbook to workbook to cover these skills, but what was I achieving?

Language arts felt so jumpy and disconnected in our homeschool.   And I felt so tired.  I didn’t want to swing like Tarzan from topic to topic anymore, but I wasn’t sure what else to do.

So I did what any homeschool mom does.  I googled.  And I googled.  And I googled.  I knew I could find a program that would help me teach Language Arts as a cohesive set of skills for communication.  I knew I could find a guide to take us into the world language and communication.

And I was ready to drop my Tarzan rope.

A review of how the Brave Writer Arrow Guides and how they transformed our approach to Language Arts.

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Top Ten Brave Writer Arrow Guides

I confess.

I am a paper girl trapped in a world of PDF’s.  Despite these handy electronic files,  I continue to print out most everything. And this includes my homeschool curriculum guides.

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Open my file cabinet in the basement and preview the stacks and stacks of Brave Writer Arrow guides from three full years of subscriptions.  Thirty printed guides are sitting in my files in addition to their PDF counterparts sitting on my computer.  I am not really sure why I feel the need to save the printed copy, but I do.

So as part of my procrastination file cabinet organization, I pulled out all of my Brave Writer Arrow Guides and sorted them until I found my favorite guides released in the school years that began in 2013, 2014, and 2016.  This list does NOT include any titles from the current school year (2016-2017).


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Grammar Lesson using The Arrow: Love that Dog

Grammar.  The word can evoke very strong opinions.

Who knew grammar was such a hot topic?  Probably very few parents.  Unless they decided to homeschool.

And once you weed through all of the philosophies, it can be quite confusing to find the actual best fit for your family.  I know because we have tried so many options!

One teaching option that feels very natural for our homeschool is teaching grammar through literature passages.  The Brave Writer literature guides, The Arrow, have been the backbone of this process in our house.
Our family has found that teaching grammar with literature as the tool has been a great fit for our homeschool. Here is just one example of how we did it!

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2019 Fall Booklist for Mom

My reading list is always huge so I am narrowing it down to focus on specific titles each season of the year.

I wrote my first list in the summer and having a list definitely kept me focused. It also forced me to read a variety of titles, which I enjoyed.

I might not have the time to read every book on the list, but that is okay.

At least I am ready to grab the next book as soon as I finish one.

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Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices for 5th and 7th Grades

Our homeschool year is going to be very different this year. Half of my children will basically be doing their own thing, leaving me with only two children who are truly at home full time.

My oldest daughter is in 11th grade and will begin dual enrollment at our local community college and her other courses are outside of our home. My 9th grader is beginning high school at a local public charter high school, so her school day is covered completely.

Only my 5th and 7th-grade boys will be home with me full time. I plan to use as much of the same homeschool curriculum with both of them so we can learn together throughout the day.

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